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Jiangsu Huitong(Group)Co., Ltd.

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  Jiangsu Huitong (Group) Co.,Ltd., certified  by ISO9001, ISO14001 , IEC-QC080000, ISO/TS16949, is one of key Hi-tech New Enterprises of China Torch Project and one of high technology companies in Jiangsu province of China. It is one of the large-scale, most famous manufacturers for Remote Controls, Keypad Modules, Receiver Board, Control Modules and Connectors.

  Jiangsu Huitong(Group) Co., Ltd. covers a land area of 78,000 square meters, owns total fixed assets USD47.6 million and over 2100 employees. The Group’s principal products are Remote Control, Control Unit, Keypad Module, Back-light Module, Connector and Harness, Decorative Strip, Human Interface Device(HID) and other Analogue/Digital Electronic products, which are widely used for home appliances such as LCD/LED TV, Blu-ray Player, Air-Conditioner, Set-top Box, Audio and Video, etc. Some related products have passed CE, GS, UL, FCC, 3C certificates. The Group is also engaging in the research and manufacturing of accessories for Communications, Computer, Automotive, Electrical Applications, Instrument & Apparatus, Aerospace and Aviation, etc.

  Jiangsu Huitong (Group) Co., Ltd, with 70% products exported to overseas over 30 countries and regions, has developed into an internationalized company, which is becoming one of important suppliers for many word-famous customers such as Philips, Sharp, Toshiba, TPV, Wistron, etc.

  With the notion of “Strive for perfection and pursuit excellence” in the development and the vision of “Build first-class products and create first-class enterprise”, Jiangsu Huitong (Group) Co., Ltd. has been providing customers with high-quality products and professional service to meet the needs of users.

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